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South of Koné

The new headquarters of North Province, the Hôtel de Province Nord, is four km south of Koné on the road to Nouméa. A traditional case stands in front of the provincial assembly building. As part of the development of this area, a new road has been built across the island from this complex to Poindimié.

The territory's agricultural college or Lycée Agricole is three km east of Pouembout, and several French-operated places to stay are in the Tamaon Valley farther east.

You can camp free at Plage de Franco, a few km off the highway southwest of Pouembout. Toilets and picnic tables are provided, and non-potable water for washing only. The beach isn't great but at least it's safe for swimming.

Just before the Rouge River, 18 km south of Pouembout, is the short access road to a war memorial with a splendid view of the Plaine des Gaïacs, where there was a large airfield during WW II.

Between Pouembout and Poya is the old nickel port of Népoui, now being redeveloped as an alternative port to Nouméa for North Province. Large open-cut nickel mines are here.

The turnoff to the Adio Caves is 2.5 km north of Poya, 16 km east of the Népoui access road. A wide gravel road leads 14 km northeast to the Col de Böewe, a mountain pass, where a jeep track on the left descends to the caves (admission free).

The Vallée des Roches d'Adio begins at the bottom of the pass, three km farther along the main road (keep left). Here towering limestone pinnacles, not unlike those at Hienghène, line both sides of the road for about a km. This road ends at the mountain village of Goipin in the very center of the island. There's little traffic up here, so forget it unless you have your own transportation.