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Around Sarraméa

Sarraméa, about 15 km before La Foa, is in a lovely valley. There's a large Kanak case in Petit Couli village, a few hundred meters north of the turnoff to Sarraméa.

Caldoche-operated Évasion 130 is four km off the Canala road. Surrounded by verdant hills abounding in swimmable streams, it makes an excellent base for hikers. An old mule track that once connected La Foa to Canala winds five km through the forest to the top of the Dogny Plateau from the hotel parking lot. It's a wonderful day hike, also possible on horseback.

If you're not staying or eating at the hotel, you should park your car at the mairie, 700 meters away. If you're well prepared, you could camp at 950 meters elevation up on the plateau.

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