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La Conception Church (1874), south of the highway just a few kilometers outside Nouméa, contains many plaques left to thank the Virgin Mary for favors and miracles. In the graveyard beside the road to the church is the tomb of the former secretary-general of the Union Calédonienne, Pierre Declercq, murdered on September 19, 1981, by persons unknown. His tombstone reads: assassiné dans le combat pour la libération de peuple Kanak. Roch Pidjot (1907-1990), co-founder of the Union Calédonienne, is also buried here.

Set in lovely grounds seven km east of La Conception Church is picturesque St. Louis Mission, founded in 1859, with New Caledonia's oldest church. A footbridge below the east side of the church leads to the Tribu de St. Louis and the impressive Grande Chefferie de St. Louis (no entry). In 2003, serious clashes occurred between local Kanaks and a large Wallisian settler community in the area. CarSud buses link La Conception and St. Louis to Nouméa several times a day.

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