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Maré Island

Maré (Nengone) is an uplifted atoll, its elevated plateau flanked by dramatic cliffs and punctuated with caves. The island's 5,500 inhabitants speak a language known as Nengone, and there are divisions between Protestants and Catholics.

Oranges were once common on Maré (harvested in May and June), but the orchards have not been replanted. Shotgun shells strewn along the roadsides in the center of the island account for the rarity of the flying foxes once common on Maré. Despite this, it's a friendly, welcoming island.

The big event of the year is the avocado festival in late May. There's a post office, bank, stores, gendarmerie, and clinic at Tadine. A market functions in the hall opposite La Roche Airport on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

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