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Getting to Lifou

Air Calédonie flies to Wanaham Airport, 19 km north of Wé, from Nouméa several times a day and from Ouvéa three or four times a week.

The gîtes pick up guests with reservations at the airport. There's also a public bus (navette) from the airport to Wé at 0700, but it's not often used by tourists and obtaining information can be difficult. Many people come to the airport to drop off friends for flights, so hitching is pretty easy. Otherwise, it's only a 10-minute walk out to the traffic circle where lots of cars pass.

The interisland ferry Betico will deposit you on the wharf at the far east end of Wé, a 10-minute walk from the center of town. The service to Maré and Nouméa is several times a week, to Ouvéa once a week, although this does vary. Cruise ships usually anchor in Sandalwood Bay off Xépénéhe.

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