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Telephone and Internet

Faxes (télécopies) can be sent from any post office, but it's expensive. Postage is also exorbitant here, so save your postcard writing for the next country on your trip.

The way to make telephone calls is with a telephone card (télécarte), available at any post office. Calls within New Caledonia are cheaper weekdays from 1900-0700 and all day weekends. There's a stiff charge to call information, so first look in the telephone book (annuaire) available at post offices and most hotels.

To place an international call with a card, dial the international access code 00, the country code, the area code, and the number. Internationally, a one-third reduction is available 2100-0700 weekdays and all day weekends. International calls placed from hotel rooms are charged double, and a three-minute minimum may apply. Collect calls cannot be placed from public telephones.

New Caledonia's telephone code is 687.

Internet access is available at several locations around Nouméa and elsewhere. The French keyboards on the computers at these places take some getting used to!.

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