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Business Hours and Time

Business hours are weekdays 0730-1130 and 1330-1800, and Saturday 0730-1100, though large supermarkets in Nouméa remain open Monday to Saturday 0730-1900, and Sunday 0730-1130 and 1500-1900. Banking hours are weekdays 0730-1530. Main post offices are open weekdays 0745-1115 and 1215-1500.

New Caledonia follows the same hour as Vanuatu, an hour before Sydney and an hour behind Auckland and Fiji. In summer (Dec.-Feb.) the sun comes up at 0430 and sets at 1830, while in winter (June-Aug.) daylight hours are something like 0630-1730. Thus it pays to be an early riser.


A yellow fever vaccination is required, but only if you've been in an infected area (South America or Africa) within the previous six days. New Caledonia has one of the highest per capita incidences of HIV infections in the South Pacific. New Caledonia's tap water contains high levels of heavy metals resulting from mining, but it's unlikely to cause problems on a short visit. In 2003, a dengue fever outbreak affected 4,000 people and claimed 13 lives. On the bright side, there's no malaria. Public hospitals exist in Nouméa, Poindimié, and Koumac, but it's cheaper and easier to see a private doctor.

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