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New Caledonia Travel Guide

Visas and Officialdom

Citizens of the European Union, Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand do not require a visa. Others should check with their airline a few weeks ahead.

Visitors from the United States, Japan, Switzerland, and most Commonwealth countries are allowed to stay one month. Citizens of European Union countries and Australia get three months, and French are admitted for an unlimited stay.

Everyone (French included) must have an onward ticket. This requirement is strictly enforced and there's no chance of slipping through without one.

Nouméa is the only port of entry for cruising yachts. Arriving yachts should contact the Capitainerie de Port Moselle (VHF channel 67), who will send customs and immigration to meet them at a dock opposite the charter boats on Moselle Bay. Otherwise call Nouméa Radio at channel 16. The formalities here are simpler than those in French Polynesia and no bond is required.

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